Past Events

Hello Beauty Retreat  |  Mother Cabrini Shrine  |  Golden, CO

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What Women are Saying...

Thank you so much for planning and executing this retreat! I absolutely loved this weekend. The venue was beautiful, the talks were challenging, and the workshops were wonderful. I loved having a tangible outlet in which to pour out my renewed faith and love for God. I could tell that so much prayer and planning went into this weekend and I think I will be sowing the spiritual fruits from it for a long time. The whole theme of beauty challenged many preconceived notions I had and I think God has already begun to heal and rebuild my heart thanks to the encounters I had at this retreat.
I felt encouraged and refreshed in my vocation as a woman and artist. I liked being able to meet other women with a similar commitment to beauty and culture.
I learned more about beauty in general, and how to apply it to my own life and passions. Also, it taught me to “Rest” in beauty. There doesn’t always have to be a masterpiece. Embracing beauty doesn’t mean we need to be an artist. (Phew!) because we know an artist. When we face resistance in our works, we face our own poverty and weaknesses. But once we surrender our “cant’s” for His “cans”, God can make a masterpiece of our lives. Surrender to wonder and beauty, and reality will become that much more “whole” and rich with purpose.

Modern Calligraphy for Beginners workshop

watercolor workshop


Photos courtesy of Dewfall Aerials Photography