I gotta tell ya - God is good. I remember being so so so nervous before this interview. I mean, I'd never met Jennifer. I had only a vague idea of what we'd be talking about, so I compiled pages of notes to cover my bases. Pages, you guys. I had notes about GIVEN 2016, Scatter and Sow, my business, and quotes from Saint JPII and Pope Francis and Von Balthasar...notes everywhere. Erin and I even did a practice run a few nights before to make sure I hit some key points about the retreat and how Scatter and Sow came to be.

And then Jennifer called.

And then we talked and I gotta say, it wasn't really what I imagined. I didn't even look at my pages of notes once. But here's the thing... Just minutes after the call, I literally had no idea what I'd said or talked about.

Well, I did remember that pesky sound delay...

But more than that, I remember feeling like God was there, speaking through me and saying things He wanted someone to hear. I felt good, because it was so evident that God is good.

Here's another confession, though: as time went on, I forgot about that tingly goodness-y feeling and convinced myself that I'd probably said something odd or embarrassing. Or that my voice probably sounded weird. So I didn't listen to the recording of the interview - for MONTHS - until yesterday. Holy Moly, you guys, God was good and is good. I (He) said some really good stuff in there!!

Jennifer and my conversation ran the gamut - we touched on creativity, self acceptance, comparison, offering up weaknesses, and yes, we talked about GIVEN and the Scatter and Sow initiative. I'll be honest- it got kinda got a good way.

I hope you'll take a listen to hear more about why Scatter and Sow exists, why Erin and I went to GIVEN, but more than that, to maybe hear a little jewel of truth that God wants to speak to your heart.

Bless you friends,